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Thanks to Maxxwell’s interruption of her soul’s blackening there was a sliver of humanity left Alexxus, and it could see the er of her ways as well as the ways of her diminished tribe and she sought to change them before she met her demise. She went on a journey across America, on foot no less. She had heard all her life that she must be Native American, for her tall, lanky and statuesque bone structure. By now she’d grown into a strong young woman, having strong yet angelic features were framed by thick, pin straight jet black locks, stained during the demonic embrace with an overcast of midnight hue, the fainted dark blue shimmer would shine through when any bright light danced in her tresses. Her eyes shining diamond cut emeralds, lush pout continually painted red to hide a lack of color, stood out against porcelain skin . She had went to the Southwest having seen a lot of westerns, searching for Indians. She wanted to learn self discipline, become a warrior. It was one of few remaining Apache tribes which took her in, there was a prophecy they said, of her arrival, “The Dark Light” they called her. She was to use the power of darkness against darkness itself. She was to become a weapon, and a hero in the same right. Trained by a descendent of Geronimo, the great war leader, who had been raised in the ways of his ancestors, and was to now pass these traditions along to this strange woman with a mostly blackened soul. She remained here several years, nearly a decade, mastering her dark gifts, as well as the malicious intentions which would tug at her subconscious, urging her toward acts of injustice. Once she’d learned to control these impulses and was skilled fighter of many genres, she was , at last, sent to the tribe shaman for the ritual from which she would walk away a warrior by title. The shaman had given Alex a concoction to unlock parts of her mind which normally remain dormant in most people, causing a vision which has been discussed with very few beings, a sight of darkness. Her spirit animal was shown to her then, and the ability bestowed upon her to take it’s form. The Chief deemed her ready, and sent her out to travel the realms and fight with dark forces for justice and truth and await her destiny in whatever form it would take. The newly born warrior wandered restlessly, not finding much solace, or a place to call home, for many years. All of that changed the day she ambled into DeadNdSaloon and met a man she was unaware would change her life immensely.

Do0m saves her Seester

So, I guess you all should know about my sister, Errant. She is my only blood related sibling, and my only blood relatives are her, her birth children, grandchildren, and so forth…my daughter, Amberlyn, and my husband, with whom I partook in a blood bonding during out wedding ceremony. Everyone knows that E is my closest sibling, aside from my brother, Alt, and well, you don’t fuck with my sister. A very evil being, who had it out for me (because I offered aid to his enemy) knew that he could get me to Hell if he took my Seester. He stalked me…..should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. I’ve posted below, the role-play session of me getting my sister from Hell, and bringing her home. Both our typists autoed a lot in the heat of the moment, but hell we are Doomy and Errant, it’s to be expected that we are just that badass. Before i post the RP, I guess I should tell you what was going on.

There’s this demon named Diandra, and she really has it in for me because I allowed her pet to escape one day, (as she tried fervently, and without avail, to burn down my beloved legit fireproof woods) and well, she asked me for help. My first instinct was to tell her to go fuck herself, but after she went on about that beast being the only thing she loved, I agreed. At the time I was pregnant with my only birth child, Amberlyn Blade, and didn’t really wanna chance it just yet, and Diandra grew restless and went on without me, nearly getting herself killed. I found a bloody message in my office, along with her essence, and one much darker, much stonger… Dimitri had followed Diandra, and wanted her dead…and now that he knew she’d come to me….he was after me too. It didn’t take much research for him to find out what matters to me that could be used as bait..and he stole her, my sister. I was pissed, to say the least. WELL, Diandra had went on about how strong Dimitri is and this and that…so MY plan was to find Diandra, help her head faster, and join swords with her to bring down Dimitri, ultimately regaining both our loved ones. Ya still with me?

It wasn’t TOO difficult for me to find Diandra, but when I did, she only stared at me like I wasn’t there….and I could feel Errant, very close by, very weak and distraught…. I followed her essence with a simple teleport, to find her in a hot, stone room…fucking dillusional….this is what happened from there (Extripate is Violetta, E’s youngest daughter, and Doomy’s Goddaughter/Niece):


Vi walked across Fortunata’s grounds whimpering. She missed Mommy dearly, trying to retrieve the mind connection that was previously lost when the mind control ensued once more early that morning. (c) – 16 hours ago

“Mommy, if you can hear me,” Vi whispered in concentration. “We’re coming for you, Mommy. I can’t cause you-you tooks away my powers. But yous’ll be okay tonights.” Vi paced between trees and (c) – 16 hours ago

sank to her knees, crying. “Mommy, hang ons. It’s a dream. It ain’ts real. We’s all be fine. We’s be here. Hold on, Mommy and don’t die.” – 16 hours ago

Errant was slumped against the warm blocks that contained her fragile body. Emaciated, bloodied, tears fought to form as the soft whispers swam through the femme’s mind. None came, being too =c – 16 hours ago

dehydrated to form. With whatever strength she had, she shook. A mind trick, was this? She didn’t know. A hoarse voice cried out, chained into the wall once more. Her previous attempts to escape had=c – 16 hours ago

severely crippled her, nearly all of her blood gone. It was the power she’d retained that kept her alive, though unhealing. The chains, stabbed grotesquely through each bone of her arms, the femur =c – 16 hours ago

in a twist angle of each thigh. Betwixt the fourth and fifth rib, three chains hooked inside her torso, virtually containting her. A chain claimed her neck, a sharpened sword-like tip facing =c – 16 hours ago

inwards towards her juggular. Should she even attempt to move forward, penetrate it would, causing immediate death. “Not..real,” she managed, giving up hope. She knew Jace was M.I.A, and this added =c – 16 hours ago

to the situation, worsening her agony. A mother’s heart broken after receiving the mental torture… Images of Izzy, Amber, Violetta, Jace, Moka, Rose..Angel.. All dead.. She sighed, weak. – 16 hours ago


A fraction of a second had passed since she’d left Diandra on the ground within her hiding place, deeming her blood more important than the one who started all this, and now appeared within a bright(c – 16 hours ago X

crimson flash within Errant’s confines, her appearance flickering upon the sense of closeness…she knew E was weak, frantic, a mess, but her presence, and life, calmed Doomy enough for the unstable(c – 16 hours ago X

transformation to fade, her skin’s luminance returning, the azure aqua glow returning to her tresses, lighting the dank, hot room. “Errant…” she gasped within a whisper, reaching her left(c – 16 hours ago X

hand out, the ghostly palm open and directed toward her sister’s right cheek as she winced. “Seester…wake up…” the palm landing gently there, thumb grazing to and fro in a gentle caress. – 16 hours ago

Errant winced. A touch. ..It couldn’t be. With slow movements, eyelids came open. Bloodshot eyes, with a white centre greeted the mage, with a sneer. “You’re not REAL. NONE OF YOU WERE!” Errant =c – 16 hours ago

abruptly stood, snapping the chain within each arm out. Bones protruded from what was pale flesh, curved around the very bones that had broken. Lifeless. “GET AWAY!” She roared, challenging what she=c – 16 hours ag

thought to be Dimitri’s doing. With the little energy she had, she musked up the strength to drive her arms toward Do0my, movements carrying her hands towards the forearms of each limb. A quick =c – 16 hours ago

shove, expelling Do0my across the tiny room. Fragments of star energy exerted from her emaciated form, their poisonous gaseous substance flickering toward the mage at light speed, penetrating her =c – 16 hours ago

skin, if successful. She didn’t care. A trick! She would disappear. “GO. A-WAY!” Errant shook, a violent delight. The rest of the energy expelled from her, lightning, fire, Earth.. Directed toward =c – 16 hours ago

Do0my’s ‘illusion.’ the Star Child took a step forward, defying the strength of the chain in her femurs, and allowing the blade to tickle her skin. – 16 hours ago

“MOMMY NO! Violetta yelled as her hands slapped the ground. “No! She’s real! Believe it!” – 16 hours ago

Doomy gasped loud and quickly jumped back a few steps when Errant came to in a fit of rage, obviously having been experiencing some extreme hallucinations as she thought her sister weren’t real.(c – 15 hours ago X

Her eyes shot wide open once she realized the chains which bound E were embedded in flesh and bone, shouting”N..NO!!! SEESTER!!” as Errant yanked against them, snapping the bones of her forearms in(c – 15 hours ago X

two with the action, the splintered ends grotesquely jutting from the tanned flesh which seemed to have lost a bit of lustre her, locked away in hell for days on end. Doomy saw a certain something (c – 15 hours ago X

in E’s face, she knew it wasn’t good and went to sidestep as pure star stuff flew from Errant’s reaching limbs, headed at her too fast to dodge completely, the acidic fire grazed Doomy’s flesh and(c – 15 hours ago X

burning away a portion of her beloved cloak. She’d managed to dodge the shove, and on instinct teleported to her sister’s left, shaking all over with rage. “Errant!” she shouted, noting the(c – 15 hours ago X

sharp point so close to piercing the flesh of the starchild. “STOP!” the hollow cry belted, echoing within the tight confines of the room as a summon was then performed, her focus set upon the blade(c – 15 hours ago X

and chains which restrained her sister. The mage was aware what she was unleashing, the raw, unbridled power of a star, dillusional and PISSED, but she had to..otherwise E would surely kill herself.(c – 15 hours ago X

Quickly Doomy’s ghostly right and left arms outstretched, plams up and ready to recieve the items which she summoned, the metals seeming to dissolve and remerge wirhin but a fragment of a moment and(c – 15 hours ago X

be thrown to the ground with a loud clambor within the tiny, stone room. She couldn’t help being reminded of the last summon she’d performed in E’s presence, bringing Vi from the womb, helping(c – 15 hours ago X

her sister escape death then, just as was her intent now. “Errant..” she breathed again…the whisper hanging in the air as she waited, alert and focused…watching… – 15 hours ago X

It changed. Everything.. changed. Errant found the strength to smile. Normal, it was not. Twisted, a frown in the shape of a sneer, nose crinkled. Her eyes, head bent, looked up to Do0my. Something =c – 15 hours ago

within them whispered ‘hostile..’ Through bloodied, cracked lips, a rough cackle made its way through the small room. Ah, freedom. Sweet it was, but now vengeance was hers. The small left foot =c – 15 hours ago

inxched forward, a demanding move, a cause for something else. Such.. rebellion. Power surged through her; avoiding the healing properties of such, she used it for sheer evil. Will. Sickly, her neck=c – 15 hours ago

snapped up, a bone breaking on the left. “Dearest,” she cackled. “Here’s a question..” Her form became a blur, light speed activated whilst she ran towards the mage, grabbing each arm and pinning =c – 15 hours ago

them against the wall, digits locked around the forearms. Her knees pierced her legs, breathing heavily onto Do0my. “What happens to an unstable star?” Oculi shifted. White. Blue. Green. Orange. =c – 15 hours ago

The mix continued, matching the twitching lips. Errant’s tounge flickered out, moistening petals. Ah, the taste of her own blood. Psychotic as she was, Errant dared to change ‘fore this femme. A =c – 15 hours ago

feat none witness before. Her skin changed pixels, from tan to the colours of the known rainbow. Her teeth, oddly, which were once of perfected pearls crafted into razor sharp canines, suited for =c – 15 hours ago

devastating activies. She dared… Oh, and did she have the balls to do it. Errant lunged fowards, the canines gripping pale flesh of the mage. ‘Twixt such dentals, she tore and tugged against, =c – 15 hours ago

wanting that damn blood. Once pierced, she pulled back, leaving a small section of flesh within her mouth. With it dangling, Errant’s strength swam through her veins into the bony arms, =c – 15 hours ago

pulsating the muscles that lingered ‘neath the flesh. Movements of the energy soared into muscles, preparing them for what was next; a series of rapid contractions and relaxations of her muscles =c – 15 hours ago

would tug Do0my from the wall, throwing her against the opposing wall. If all went successful, the bite.. the throw, the mage would be bleeding against the wall. “WIND!” Errant commanded, twisting =c – 15 hours ago

about on her bare foot, surely before Do0my could recover. “CONTAIN IT!” With the thought of Do0my as a fake, she wished to hurt. Wind, with focus and obeying, would trap each limb of Do0my against =c – 15 hours ago

the hot wall. Fire, surely, burned behind it. None of that, now. She shook her head. This could possibly be her last move. Why the hell not? Each arm, swooped from her side, upward, with simple =c – 15 hours ago

flexing of her triceps, palms faced upward, towards her Seester. “THEY FXCKING BURST!” The elements of space– wind, fire, gases, rock,– expelled from her body, more from her palms than anywhere =c – 15 hours ago

else towards Do0my. If successful, they’d hit directly onto the location of her heart and brain, continuing such motions for near three minutes. When done, E collapsed to her knees breathing hard. – 15 hours ago

When E charged at her, all her gifts and talents previously focused on another teleport was made, this time the flash had no time nor space to completely disperse, she simply shimmered(c – 14 hours ago X

away and behind the rampant starchild, lunging with matched speed and throwing her arms about the flickering form, she knew what was needed, a reminder, Errant needed to be jerked to reality(c – 14 hours ago X

once more. Needed to see that this form of her sister was real and not another trick of Dimitri’s. As E slammed into the wall, not having had time to realize, and went to lash out and bite, Doomy (c – 14 hours ago X

clung tightly to the unstable starchild, the energy eminating from E’s form disintegrating the fabrics of Doomy’s clothing, her weapons falling to the hot, stone floor. She’d attached herself fully,(c – 14 hours ago X

and withstood the elements which flew from E with ease, shouting into her ear. “Seester!!! It’s ME! I’m real! REMEMBER SATURN!!!” – 14 hours ago X

Seemlingly, the words echoed in her ears. They tingled, and the realization hit her, like a Mack truck to an old lady. The Star Child sagged against Do0my, crying out. True… True.. =c – 14 hours ago

Tears inxched down her sunken cheeks, bones popping out. “See…ster,” her broken whisper, barely audible in the hellish room. “Over?” the only question on her mind, the only thing she could say. – 14 hours ago

“It’s over…we gotta get you out of here..” she whispered, relieved that her sister’s mind had finally cleared. “You need a recharge..” was the last thing she said as she prepared to teleport them,(c – 12 hours ago X

together as a pair. It was normally Errant’s job to get them to space, but E was weakened as of now, and Doom knew what was necessary. Setting her focus on the nearest star, the Sun of this solar(c – 12 hours ago X

system, she hugged the cooling form of her sister against her own, the means through which this mage traveled sweeping them both to into space within mere moments, where dangerously close to the(c – 12 hours ago

gaseous blazing orb. Doomy summoned up all her strength as she pressed a kiss to E’s sunken cheek, and flung her limp nude form into the Sun, watching as the flames engulfed her. – 11 hours ago

It was much a blur for E, blinking lazily through the journey. Her mind, foggy and the words echoed throughout her delicate ears. =c – 11 hours ago

Nothing registered until the substance of the star swarmed about her unnatural skin. Like a hot bath, it soothed her. Healed her. Slowly, the colour in her skin and hair returned to normal, enough =c – 11 hours ago

energy provided. Her nails went from brittle to strong; the crystallines became piercing as ever. Little by little, the sunken in parts of her hollow form filled out, crafting the Vixen- sensual =c – 11 hours ago

*eats popcorn as he watches* this is an awesome show* – 11 hours ago (<———-Do0my’s brother, by adoption, chiming in like an ass, as usual.)

curves, smooth dips and exotic lines complete. The freckles that crossed her body shone abnormally, outlining the constellations they formed. Her hair swam within the star, englufing all the =c – 11 hours ago

substance she could possibly get. Minutes. It was as if a person was revived. Life entered the Star Child like never before. Oh, it swam deep within her veins. Soon enough, she thrust herself from =c – 11 hours ago

the ball o’ fire, though nude and not caring in the least, she smiled, dazzling. Laughter roared. – 11 hours ago

The normally modest mage, as nude as her sister was now squealed with delight, ghostly features completely contorted into the happiest they could ever appear as she used her usual propulsion, (c – 11 hours ago X

to jet off toward E, a joyous collision occuring mid space arms wrapping tightly about the renewed vixen as she roared with laughter. “HAH! I KNEW IT!” she shouted out, “Fncking Saturn.” – 11 hours ago X

“Saturn?” Her left hand extended, as if to grab a flame. This, she did, where it was allowed; such a flame, under the direct order of E, would craft into the bare essential for clothing: =c – 11 hours ago

undergarments. Her eyes darted about, shaking; it was much like a child who’d had too much sugar. “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” – 11 hours ago

“Saturn.” she nodded, knowing E surely hadn’t caught much of the last few days. “It’s a magic word.” smirking, mention of the planet having dragged Errant out of her mental confines. Doomy also(c – 11 hours ago X

performed a feat, wrapping her arms about herself as her normal attire materialized, her weapons having been summoned from hell to here, in space, all but her cloak… She paused, frowning, feeling (c – 11 hours ago X

a tug at her heartstrings.. “My..cloak…” she pouted, after all, that cloak began her journey with her, decades ago.. – 11 hours ago X

“Hn,” she hummed, disappearing for a fraction of a minute. Her body glided in the abyss of space, collecting gases, rocks and metals of all types. Within her ability, she crushed the =c – 11 hours ago

hardened substances down to fine powder, mixing it together with the flames and chemical compounds of gas. If all went as planned, the end product would produce a new cloak; =c – 11 hours ago

the same colour, same tattered ends and style, produced differently to withstand severe elements. Such clothing was presented to Do0my. – 11 hours ago

“SEESTER!” she shrieked, quickly summoning it about her form, noting the perfect fit, and lurched forward to embrace her sibling in a more serious manner. “E, we have to stop him…but first, we(c – 11 hours ago X

have to find Jace…he’s vanished into the woods from what I understand..” pulling back to study her sister’s features. – 11 hours ago X

In the middle of no where, she turned. “Polaris.” A star, to her left, lit up, when called upon, like an old friend. She dipped her head, then tilted it toward Earth. “Show me, where he is.. Find =c – 11 hours ago

Jace,” she whispered, motioning down. She silently watched the fire ball spin in unnatural speeds as it obeyed such a command. If successful, a small portion of light aimed onto Earth, lighting up =c – 11 hours ago

a sliver of the planet. “He’s in that area…” Errant dove down, a determined look set on her face.. -G to Jace’s Comments- – 11 hours ago

Doomy nodded, following suit and diving down, close behind her sister. -g- – 11 hours ago X


It wasn’t long before E found her son, Jace…and their story continues, a generally happy one. For Doomy, however, the story continues. (Stay tuned for what happened after that!)

A little background…

Alexxus Homicide, known these days as Do0my, was a total bitch, a real, true to life hot blooded, big mouthed, obnoxious bitch. No one could stand her when she truly was born. Bitter and cold, Alex had been raised by severely abusive parents, who seemed to actually enjoy her suffering rather than just the usual instance of hardship driving an alcoholic father to insanity…this was sadism in it’s truest form.

One night after a particularly harsh beating, for no particular reason, as well as the first… and last one of her father’s little “private” sessions he kept threatening her with, she decided to take a stand. A girl of only 8 years, Alexxus had locks of a jet black sheen which cascaded down to her lower back. Bright green eyes peering out through her bangs which seemed to always need a trim, a bright pink pout was set into a stern frown this evening and though she was tall and stout for her age her hands were still small and they trembled as she snuck into the master bedroom of the run down trailer, found her fathers 12 gauge shotgun and blew the root of all evil to bits.

To this day she feels no remorse for killing them, and is certain she never will. At such a tender age she was already highly empathic and a survivalist. It was them or her… She never hesitated to call 911 and confess her sin. The evidence, her battered body and broken hymen, proved her actions just and she was turned over to the state where orphanages and foster homes raised her until early teen years when she ran away.

Young Alex begged borrowed and stole her way through life until she  settled in NYC and, by an odd happenstance, was in training to become an assassin. It was during this time she developed her love for weaponry, especially firearms…  Peace was found at but a triggers pull…and it paid well. Alexxus was a terrible assassin though, preferring loud obnoxious behavior to stealth inclinations and upon realization of this walked away from the profession and commenced to roaming…

Somewhere in a dark city she soon attracted  a very charming man named Maxxwell, who seemed smitten by her loud mouth and trashy though well kempt attire which usually consisted of some sort of shiny vinyl and chains. Knee high black Doc Martin’s had become, and remain, her footwear of choice. As time went by Alex and Maxx grew to be more than friends as they indulged in conversations pertaining to subjects which few ever discuss in polite company.

Unbeknownst to Alexxus at the time, MaxxwellMurder was a demon and he  found her carefree mortal ways endearing. Alex simply enjoyed the company of a gentleman with strange tastes for taboo conversation which seemed to stretch her mind out beyond this plane of existence.

Something else Alex didnt know was that she was being hunted by vampires, yes vampires, whom she had insulted with a crude horror movie joke…unaware such creatures truly existed. Maxx at some point sensed her being watched, stalked…and revealed his true self to her. He placed a demonic curse upon her blood, turning it to a very potent acid for her defense should she be attacked by the vicious creatures. It was that day that Alex attained mock immortality, a side effect of the curse. Her body ceased in it’s natural aging process at 23 years and she was thrown into the world of fantasy and terror that contradicted the bullshit people always said about monsters being pretend.

Maxx had introduced Alex to a trouble making tribe of demons known as the Phobois, said to be descendents of the demon god Phobos. Their elder was enthralled by her mischievous ways, and offered to blacken her soul with the fires of Hades giving her god-like power beyond imagination and a place in the tribe. She had simply smirked while nodding, flicked her cigarette away, and the ritual commenced. Maxx, whom by this point was her lover, was enraged at her acceptance of the offer, had interrupted the ritual, allowing for only a shred of her mortal soul to remain untainted.

From there she joined the Phobois in the havoc they wreaked on the realms all of them being quite spirited in their efforts to offend others. The tribe members eventually grew to be hated by all, hunted and killed off due to the menace they imposed upon the realms. Alexxus was wise, having learned many things through trial and error throughout her hard knock life, ran away to vanish from the realms, becoming the last known Phobois demon, and never saw her beloved Maxxwell again. (To be continued)